Poo Brew Liver and Bowel Cleanse 260g

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Poo Brew Liver and Bowel Cleanse 260g
Poo Brew Liver and Bowel Cleanse 260g

Poo Brew Liver and Bowel Cleanse 260g


The perfect solution for healthy bowels, A combination of herbal powders to assist in detoxifying the liver, cleansing the bowel, restoring gut permeability and reinstating good bacteria back into the gastro intestinal tract. Ingredients: Barley Grass, Glutamine,Slippery Elm, St Marys Thistle, Psyllium.100% Natural Ingredients, can be used by all ages. 260g Bag -(approx 1 month supply)

For even better results, take with a Probiotic.

Inability to lose or gain weight
Mood swings
Nausea and or bad breath
Intolerance to fatty food
Foggy brain
Head aches
Unstable blood sugar levels
Sugar cravings
Poor digestion
Bowel problems
Itchy skin and rashes
Excessive body heat
Auto-immune dysfunction
Frequent fatigue
Slow metabolism
High cholesterol and or triglycerides

There are many functions of the liver; some include the breakdown of food for absorbtion, protein production, detoxification, storage of vitamins, minerals and the breakdown of red blood cells.

With all these functions a good healthy bowel is paramount to our health.

1 tsp morning and night in juice or 

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